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When you paticipate in research projects

Scientific projects must comply with the Act on Processing of Personal Data
All scientific projects with personal data are subject to the Act on Processing of Personal Data. When you participate or enter into a scientific project, all of the information about you and your person are protected by the Act on Processing of Personal Data and by the strict rules that apply to the use of personal data for scientific or statistical purposes.

The main purpose of these strict rules is to provide the best possible protection of your private life.

The rules are designed first and foremost to ensure that the data researchers collect and their results are not abused or come into the hands of unauthorised persons.

Personal data may not be used for other purposes
Personal data that is collected for scientific or statistical purposes may not be later used for other purposes. And such data may not be transferred to others. And last, but not least, scientific or statistical results may never be disclosed in a way that makes it possible to recognise individual persons.

If a researcher wishes to share his/her scientific data with other researchers/other projects, this is only permitted with special consent from the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Personal data must be deleted or anonymised
When a research project is completed, all personal data must be deleted or anonymised. If the project also comprises blood or tissue samples, video recordings, etc., these materials must also be destroyed, deleted or anonymised upon completion of the project.
Anonymised data is no long covered by the Act on Processing of Personal Data and the researcher may therefore continue to store and utilise this data. Anonymised data is understood as data that cannot be traced back to individual persons by anyone.

If the collected data continues to be of scientific interest, the researcher may seek the permission of the Danish State Archives to submit the data for continued storage there.

Right of access to personal data
As a participant in a research project, you do not have the right of access to the data about yourself (or others) that is included in the project. If you have consented to participate in the project, you can always withdraw your consent if you desire. But you do not have the right to demand that the data about yourself be handed over or deleted, unless this is agreed upon in advance with the researcher.

Authorisation from the Danish Data Protection Agency
Research projects with sensitive personal data, e.g. data about health conditions, racial or ethnic background, significant social problems, etc. must be notified to the Danish Data Protection Agency and the researcher must obtain authorisation from the agency before commencing the project. The Danish Data Protection Agency’s authorisation contains a number of conditions that must be adhered to by the researcher.