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Deletion of profile and contributions to debate

When you wish to delete your profile
You may have a profile in a debate forum or other form of social network. If you wish to delete your profile, you must contact the person responsible for the debate site or social network.

Those who are responsible for a debate page or social network have a duty to ensure that you can see who is behind the site.

There must be clear information about the controller’s identity, i.e. name and contact information for the organisation or person(s) responsible for the service.

Requests should be granted
Deletion of a profile will often be a valid request that should be granted when a user requests deletion or anonymisation of his/her profile.

This may be achieved by allowing the user to continue using the service under a general and neutral name, e.g. “Guest” or “Past user”.

Deletion of your contributions
If the site allows you to delete your contributions, you can use this function.

If you cannot personally delete past contributions, you can contact the person/organisation responsible for the site. Remember to explain why you wish to have your contribution deleted and which contributions you are referring to.

The responsible person/organisation must then respond with a decision on whether or not they will delete your contribution(s).

Is there an expectation that deletion is possible?
When you consider your request for deletion, you must examine what expectations the debate site has given users about the possibility for deletion.

An expectation that contributions can be deleted may be created, e.g. by it actually having been possible at one time for the user to delete/edit his/her own contributions.

An expectation that contributions can be deleted can also be created by the user conditions or the site in general indicating that it is possible to delete contributions.

If the debate site has given you a well-founded expectation that you are able to delete contributions, the Danish Data Protection Agency’s view is that your request for deletion must typically be accepted.

This can be accomplished by changing the contribution so that it cannot be linked directly to you, e.g. by using “Guest” or “Past user” in connection with the contribution.

When a debate site does not give an expectation that deletion is possible
Even when no expectation has been created that one can delete contributions, there may still be special situations in which requests for deletion should be granted. However, this requires that you provide well-founded grounds that relate to your special situation.

Therefore, it is important that you write all of the good reasons that you feel entitle you to deletion of your contribution.

Also in this case, any link to you can be deleted by removing your name and writing “Guest” or “Past user” in connection with the contribution.

You should not expect to always be able to delete disclosed information
You should be aware that once you have disclosed information about yourself, you can never be certain that you will be able to delete this information everywhere that it is found.

So think carefully before you post information or photos.

Complaints to the Danish Data Protection Agency
If the responsible person/organisation will not grant your request for deletion of your user profile or contribution, you can submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency. If you do this, we request that you send us the arguments on which your request is based and the reply you received from the responsible person/organisation.