The EU fingerprint database (EURODAC)

The EU has established a central database for the fingerprints of asylum seekers to help the national authorities process asylum applications.

Your rights

If you are registered in EURODAC, you have certain rights. You generally have the right to know whether data about you has been entered in EURODAC, as well as the right to access to personal data about you. You also have the right to have factually incorrect data corrected and you can request erasure of unlawfully registered data.

If you want:

  • to access to data about you that has been registered in EURODAC
  • to rectify data about you in EURODAC which you believe is factually incorrect or incomplete
  • to demand the erasure of data about you in EURODAC which you believe has been illegally registered

please contact the Danish National Police.

Their contact details are:


Polititorvet 14

DK-1780 Copenhagen V


The Danish Data Protection Agency is responsible for monitoring the lawfulness of the member states’ processing of personal data in compliance with the EURODAC Regulation, including the transmission of data to the central system. This supervisory role includes carrying out inspections and handling complaints from data subjects.


If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the Danish National Police concerning your request to access, rectify or erase data about you in EURODAC, you can submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

If you wish to submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency, please include the following information:

  • a description of the nature of your complaint
  • a copy of the decision or response that you received from the Danish National Police
  • any other material that you think is relevant to your complaint

 You can access our complaint form here.

More information

You can read more about EURODAC on the following websites:

 Relevant legislation: