Strategic foundation

The strategic foundation for the work of the Danish Data Protection Agency consists of a vision, a mission and a set of values.


The Danish Data Protection Agency's vision sets the direction for our work.

Responsible use of the citizens' data in a digitalised society.


The Danish Data Protection Agency's mission sets the frame for the Agency's exercise of authority, including how the Agency manages its core tasks. 

  • We are an open authority that manages our tasks independently.
  • We work in a responsive, differentiated and visible manner.
  • We solve our tasks through useful guidance and information, accessible decisions and focused inspections.
  • We influence national legislation and European cooperation.

Set of values

The set of values describes the most essential values that support the Danish Data Protection Agency's exercise of authority and work both now and going forward. 

  • Professionalism: All actors in society can be certain that the Danish Data Protection Agency's decisions are based on professionalism; this is also emphasized as one of the Agency's strenghts by its stakeholders.
  • Outward looking: The Danish Data Protection Agency must to an even higher degree open itself towards and interact with the outside world in order to follow tendencies in society, the technological development and the stakeholders' needs. 
  • Integrity: The Danish Data Protection Agency is an authority that manages its tasks independently.
  • Courage: The Danish Data Protection Agency must dare to make decisions, also in complicated cases. The Agency must be clear in its announcements and thus set the direction and contribute to the understanding of the data protection rules.
  • Proactivity: Proactivity must characterize the Agency's execution of tasks and the way the Agency interacts with the outside world.