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Read about the Danish Data Protection Agency's statutory powers, functions and duties.

The Data Protection Agency is the national independent supervisory authority in Denmark with responsibility for upholding the fundamental right of data protection. The DPA’s statutory powers, functions and duties derive from the Data Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulation, Law Enforcement Directive, The Danish Law Enforcement Act as well as the Danish TV Surveillance Act.

Using its statutory powers, the Danish Data Protection Agency:

  • examines complaints from individuals in relation to potential infringements of data protection law;
  • conducts inquiries and investigations regarding infringements of data protection legislation and takes enforcement action where necessary;
  • promotes awareness amongst members of the public of their rights to have their personal information protected under data protection law;
  • drives improved awareness and compliance with data protection legislation by data controllers and processors through the publication of high-quality guidance, proactive engagement with public and private sector organisations;
  • through consultations with organisations, assists in identifying risks to personal data protection; and
  • cooperates with other data protection authorities.