The Danish Data Protection Council

The Danish Data Protection Council (Datarådet) primarily decides on matters of fundamental importance in the field of data protection.

The Council is set up by the Minister of Justice, and is composed of a chairperson, who shall be a legally qualified judge, and of seven other members. Substitutes may be appointed for the members of the Council. The Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the Minister of Finance each appoint a member of the Council and each has the possibility to appoint a substitute as well.

The members of the Council and their substitutes are appointed based on their professional qualifications, and is conditioned by their security clearance, which needs to be upheld throughout the entire term of their service. The members and their substitutes shall be appointed for a term of 4 years. There is a possibility to reappoint members and their substitutes twice.

The appointment as chairperson, member or substitute ceases by the end of the term of their service or upon voluntary resignation. The chairperson, the members and their substitutes can only be dismissed in case of serious professional misconduct or if they do no longer meet the requirements for performing their duties. The staff of the Secretariat and the chairperson, the members and their substitutes, may only have sideline activity to the extent that it is compatible with the exercise of the duties of their position or office.

The current chairperson and members of the The Danish Data Protection Council



  •   Kristian Korfits Nielsen, Supreme Court Judge (appointed by the Minister of Justice)


  • Henrik Udsen, dr.jur, University of Copenhagen (appointed by the Minister of Justice)
  • Jesper Thyrring Møller, cand.oecon, Municipal Director in Hedensted Municipality (appointed by the Minister of Justice)
  • Pia Kirstine Voldmester, lawyer and partner, Bruun & Hjejle (appointed by the Minister of Justice)
  • Henning Mortensen, chair of Rådet for Digital Sikkerhed (appointed by the Minister of Justice)
  • Svend Hartling, former Director of Public Health in The Capital Region of Denmark (appointed by the Minister of Public Innovation)
  • Martin von Haller Grønbæk, lawyer and partner, Bird & Bird (appointed by the Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs)
  • Mette Raun Fjordside, Deputy Director of The Danish Consumer Council (Forbrugerrådet Tænk) (appointed by the Minister of Justice)